• As part of its commitment to the health and safety of the company and its members, this drug and alcohol policy has been formulated. This policy is to be read and obeyed by all company personnel and subcontractors. In addition, its contents are to be made the subject of company safety meetings.


  • Use of prohibited and non-prescribed drugs are a danger to the user and fellow workers and will not be tolerated on the company at any time or under any circumstances.


  • No alcohol is on work area. Under no circumstances is alcohol to be on, or consumed on work locations at base or in the field. Under no circumstances is any person to be under the influence of alcohol while on duty.


  • Prescription drugs may impair your safety performance at work. Advise your immediate supervisor of any prescription drugs being used so that medical advice may sought.


  • Personnel contravening the contents of this policy will be liable to severe disciplinary measures.


GUNVOR acknowledges that AIDS is a disease with worldwide distribution, and has no known cure. Based on this, the only recognized means of controlling the spread is through preventive measures.

In order to minimize the spread of the disease among the employees, company shall initiate and carry out an awareness campaign by providing information on lifestyles and practices acknowledged to prevent infection.


Steps shall be taken to prevent the transmission of the disease to medical personnel and to patients in the company’s medical facilities. The HIV test shall be voluntary. It shall not be part of the pre-employment assessment.

In the event that an employee develops AIDS, the patient shall be advised, treated and supported
normally as any other illness case. Employees who have AIDS or who are HIV positive will not be
discriminated against in the work place.


GUNVOR aims to fully understand the impact that its operations have, or could potentially have on the environment. It is the policy of GUNVOR to conduct its geophysical operations in a manner that assures optimum protection of the environment. Environmental protection and preservation are an integral part of her operations. Through this understanding GUNVOR will adopt and implement a range of
environmental management techniques to maximize outcomes for all interested parties.

To achieve this aim, set standards are to be effectively monitored for continuous improvement through hazard and effects management process, compliance to ISO 14001 in addition to local laws and regulatory requirements. Waste reduction and efficient use of natural resources are keys to achieving this objective.

This policy is made available to all employees, suppliers and customers, neighboring communities and to the public. In line with this policy, efforts are made to provide regular training to all employees to achieve improved technology building better environmental practices.
All personnel involved in GUNVOR projects will meet or exceed minimum standards established by environmental legislation, regulations or recognized geophysical operations industry standards.

This means that GUNVOR OIL AND GAS will:
  • Establish both personal and management environmental responsibilities


  • Implement accountable environmental protection programs.


  • Commitment to legislative compliance


  • Periodic environmental assessment to ensure compliance with, and continuous improvement of operations standards.


  • Require contractors to comply to regulatory measures and adopt environmentally sound working practices.

  • Ensure that all personnel (both employees and contractors) are appropriately trained in their specific emergency response duties


  • Environmental impact assessment of new processes and operations.


  • Consult appropriate authorities, landowners and users of the area.


  • Develop emergency plans and procedures to respond efficiently to environmental incidents.


  • Evaluate environmental performance and appropriate reclamation measures of oil and gas industries and operation.

GUNVOR remains committed to achieving excellence through the continual improvement of its
environmental practice


  • Do one’s best to maintain good relationship with the public and local authorities

  • Regard safety as coming first in all operations

  • Perform all operations with regards to the prevention of accidents

  • Assess all supervisors and workers on their safety attitude and performance.

  • Improve the management of safety at all levels.

  • Concentrate and develop pro-active safety measures as well as reactive measures.

  • Protect the environment from any adverse effects of our operation

  • Train the workforce and encourage safety awareness at all levels

  • Provide a safe working environment

  • Ensure we have zero accident or fatality.


It is the policy of Gunvor to:


  • Prevent the occurrence of an emergency incident in its operations.


  • Properly manage the emergency situation where it occurs to enable normalcy at work within the short period of time.


  • Emergency response plans shall be in place and followed during emergency in order to save life.


  • Emergency response plans shall include procedure to follow in attending and caring for injured person (s)

  • There shall be protection and preservations of the environment


  • There shall be limitation of damage to equipment


  • Crisis managers will be responsible for proper coordination of all emergencies



Gunvor oil and gas limited is committed to a goal of ZERO accident and injury, and minimal environmental impact. The commitment to safety, health and the environment comes from top management and is cascaded downward throughout the senior managers to the entire workforce.

These managers conduct inspections at different times during the year in their various areas. The Managing Director makes regular visits to the sites of operations and conduct audits/inspections. A monthly project HSSE committee is held in all sites moderated by site supervisors.

Gunvor supports the goal of providing a safe work place to promote the health and safety of all employees and contractors. Any contractor or contractor’s employees, representatives or agents who have failed to comply with or in violation of Gunvor, or Federal, State or Local Government HSE guidelines or regulations may, in Gunvor sole discretion, be barred from its property or work site(s), and such contract would be terminated. Additionally, the contractor would also be excluded from bidding in the future for any contract.

Besides the practical and moral aspects in accident prevention, accidents usually result to both loss of manpower and productivity. Managers at all levels are prepared to provide adequate resources to HSE program, which includes time and financial support. When targets are reached such as one million-man hours without an LTI, recognition is given and awards are provided to work force.

Gunvor HSE department is responsible for the company worldwide HSSE program. Company HSSE policy, HSSE Modules, HSE Management training program and yearly-targeted safety goals are formulated at corporate level for Gunvor operations. Performance review is via monthly HSE statistical reporting of all active operations, indicating exposure hours, total recordable case frequency and lost time injuries and illnesses. These HSE reports summaries are distributed throughout the Organization. This provides an indicator and functionality of the company HSE

program – through present performance review and comparison with past years. It also provides the motivation at departmental, country and company management level, to improve and exceed company long-term objectives and yearly goals.

The Managing Director has signed various policy statements including Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, which are included in a corporate Gunvor policy manual, Quality control Managers and Operations Managers are regularly involved in all programs concerning the operations. The policy is reviewed and updated as and when necessary, signed and dated by the Managing Director. The policies are applicable to all Gunvor operations but in no way shall limit the rights of Gunvor to take different or additional steps that may be seen as necessary. All policies may be amended or modified at any time Gunvor.
The main objective of the following policies is to form an action plan to achieve the mission of equipment and logistics limited whereby the objectives of the clients are met to the desired standard of


It is the policy of Gunvor to conduct business activities throughout Nigeria in such a way as to:

Consider first, the health and safety of employees, contractors and any other third parties who may be affected;

Minimize the impact on the environment in which we operate;

Ensure that health, safety and environmental (HSE) matters have equal status with all other business objectives.

The health and safety goals of Gunvor are to eliminate accidents, injuries and preventable illnesses completely. Our environment goal is to minimize temporary adverse effects and have no long-term impact on the environment.

Gunvor is responsible for leadership of the HSE programs and will seek according to the company’s policies and actions to communicate throughout the company, commitment to HSE, including the provision of proper training, equipment and physical safeguards. More importantly, the company will seek to instill in all employees an understanding that HSE matters are important job requirements All managers and supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitude towards HSE, firstly in themselves and secondly in those whom they supervise. We recognize Gunvor’s continued ability to operate and be a profitable organization is dependent upon the ability to conduct safe, healthy and environmentally friendly operations.

Every Gunvor employee must plan and perform his or her day’s work in accordance with the HSE policy. An activity must be suspended when the employee believes that it cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy and he or she must report this directly to their supervision.

All employees are responsible for wholehearted, enthusiastic co-operation with all aspects of the HSE program.

Gunvor will maintain a healthy, Safety and Environmental program that conforms to the best practices of the geophysical industry.


It is the policy of GUNVOR that employee shall refuse to perform assigned task if any of the following circumstances exist.

  1. The task does not comply with Company’s HSE policies.

  2.  The work conditions are deemed unsafe.

  3. If the work is not in accordance to relevant safety procedures.

  4. The worker not being aware of procedure concerning that job.

If a worker deems it fit to implement his right to refuse work in the above circumstances, he/she MUST inform his or her supervisor immediately so that corrective measures can be taken and work can

  • It is the policy of GUNVOR to preserve the health and safety of its employees. Smoking in public places endangers personnel health and it is also a potential safety hazard. It is the duty of GUNVOR to protect all employees from unnecessary exposure resulting from smoking hazards.

  • Smoking of cigarettes or pipes is prohibited in public places, shared offices, conference/meeting rooms, etc. unless in a designated smoking zone.

  • Smoking in houseboats and barges, warehouses, fuel dump/barge, workshops, chemical storage area (including during transportation and handling).


It is GUNVOR policy to provide security support in order to conduct survey operations with minimum risk to all of the personnel, property, and company assets. This is implemented through continuous assessment and management of risks.

The operations manager and the head of security shall agree on security measures including:


  • Identifying and evaluating of the threats, vulnerabilities and risks to the personnel and company property.


  • Planning, implementation and supervision of timely and cost-effective protective security measures to protect company assets and limit the impact of security threats.


  • To develop contingency plans to counteract the effect of any security incident or emergency inorder to minimize the risk to personnel and potential damage to assets.


  • Guidelines on good security practices to all of the employees and their families


  • Liaison with law enforcement agencies and the armed forces.


Transportation is the one of the most important of GUNVOR Safety management process. Driving is an activity that requires high standards of performance to achieve the level of safety demanded by GUNVOR. It is the personal responsibility of each driver for the safe performance of all works related to driving activities.


  • At all times national laws and regulations of transportation concerned are to be obeyed by all of GUNVOR drivers.


  • Performing regular checks and maintenance to keep vehicles and boats in good and safe working conditions.


  • All employees must contribute to the achievement of the road or waterway safety objectives


  • Conduct periodic review of driving skills to monitor performance.


  • All employees should make great efforts to prevent accident.


  • Investigate all transport related accidents and implement action points promptly.


It is the GUNVOR policy to preserve the health and safety for all of employees. In line with this policy and realizing there is a risk of drowning when working on or around offshore, rivers, lakes, ponds and open water, it becomes necessary for all staff to be certified swimmers.
Though one may be a good swimmer, it also becomes mandatory that a life jacket or buoyancy aid must be worn while on or around water.
When working in water-related areas (e.g. offshore, in river, lakes, ponds, creeks etc.), swimming is prohibited, even leisure swimming. Only boats or water-crafts should be used to ferry across open waters, never by swimming. When boat or water-crafts are used, all the rules and procedures for water transport must be obeyed.


GUNVOR OIL AND GAS LIMITED is engineering, procurement, Construction, installation, maintenance and project Management Company operating in the upstream, downstream and other sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

It is the policy of GUNVOR to provide our clients with products and services which Conform to requirements, meet clients’ needs and expectations, and are delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. It is recognized by GUNVOR that a strong quality management/improvement program will favorably impact other aspects of the company activities. The company has
Therefore, established and maintained a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2000 Standard. All GUNVOR product realization and Support processes are planned to meet the requirements of this international standard.
The Top Management of GUNVOR has the basic responsibility over the Quality Management System and is committed to continually improve its effectiveness.

Quality Objectives covering all levels and functions of the company operations and in consonance with this Quality Policy are established and pursued. The achievement of these Quality Objectives and other complimentary project –specific objectives depends largely on the quality attitude, knowledge and skill of the personnel. Therefore, highly competent and professional workforce capable of
delivering the quality products and services envisaged for clients are engaged in the service delivery process.
The Quality Assurance/Quality Control Department has the major responsibility of coordination of quality activities in the company. The Head Project Control & QA/QC has the support of Top Management to ensure that this Quality Policy is communicated,
understood, and implemented throughout the company and is continually reviewed for continuing suitability.

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